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Non-latex Disposable Gloves Widely Used
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Natural latex is extracted from oaks and other plants, Non-latex Disposable Gloves widely used in medical supplies, gloves and other items. FDA estimates that about 1% to 6% of people allergic to natural latex, exposure may lead to skin redness, rash, urticaria and other allergic reactions. Non-latex Disposable Gloves It is recommended that people who are in regular contact with natural latex should take the following measures:

1. Allergy to latex, Non-latex Disposable Gloves it is best to use non-latex gloves, such as no powder latex gloves, such gloves generally use chlorine treatment, not easy to cause allergies.

2. When wearing latex gloves, do not use oily hand cream,Non-latex Disposable Gloves because it will accelerate the latex corrosion, aging, and thus induce allergies.

3. After using latex gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves immediately wash your hands with mild soap and dry thoroughly. In addition, but also clean the gloves inside and outside.


. Allergy to natural latex, medical treatment must inform the medical staff, so as not to cause allergies.

Latex gloves are also known as rubber gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves latex is a natural material, from the rubber tree juice, natural latex is a biosynthetic product, Non-latex Disposable Gloves due to tree species, geology, climate and other related conditions, its composition and colloidal structure will often appear huge difference. Without adding any substance in the fresh latex, the rubber hydrocarbon only 20% -40% of the total, the rest is a small amount of non-rubber components and water. Non-rubber components in the protein, Non-latex Disposable Gloves lipids, carbohydrates and inorganic components, etc., part of them with the rubber particles into a composite structure, part of the dissolved in the whey or the formation of non-rubber particles.

Dingqing gloves is a popular name of nitrile gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves nitrile is a rubber, organic synthesis and pharmaceutical intermediates are the key raw materials. Mainly by acrylonitrile and butadiene synthesis. Nitrile (j─źng): a class of organic compounds, a special smell, Non-latex Disposable Gloves case of acid or alkali decomposition.

Latex gloves: relative to Dingqing gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves toughness and wear resistance slightly less, but better flexibility, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, grease and slightly better than Dingqing, anti-acid and alkali slightly better than Dingqing, Non-latex Disposable Gloves But not suitable for allergic skin and long wear. Diping gloves: material is relatively hard, poor flexibility, wear resistance is better, acid and alkali (part of the Dingqing gloves can not prevent acetone, strong alcohol), Non-latex Disposable Gloves anti-static, and will not cause allergic skin, suitable for Physical susceptibility sufferers and long wear.