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Non-latex Disposable Gloves Main Raw Materials
- May 24, 2017 -

Latex in here refers to rubber latex resin products, one of the conventional name is natural latex, latex is liquid, is the main raw material of gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves rubber is solid, is the main tire raw materials.

Latex gloves As long as the use: medical gloves, household washing gloves, ordinary work latex gloves, medical gloves are also known as working gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves household washing gloves are often used part of the medical gloves as a home, can be called Life gloves, ordinary operating gloves can be called protective gloves or gloves.

Non-latex gloves say, the landlord here refers to some not pure natural latex materials made of gloves products called non latex gloves? I do not understand, no matter what the comparison, only to do the discussion of latex gloves.

Disposable latex gloves Split smooth latex gloves, pock latex gloves, is the use of high-quality natural latex, with other additives using a special powder-free process of refining and processing, the product non-toxic, harmless, Non-latex Disposable Gloves with good tensile, adhesion, flexible use.

It is divided into the following three levels. One is more used in the food industry has powder disposable latex gloves, the production process is necessary to join, lest the gloves stick together, in order to facilitate the wear. To be particularly careful, corn flour is good or bad. Non-latex Disposable Gloves We use the food-grade corn flour, otherwise it is not good for the user and the person who is being served.

Second, more for the electronic, medical industry powder-free disposable latex gloves, because just produced is a powder, after our processing--the use of water to clean the latex gloves are not powder three is more used for precision children, medical industry purification disposable latex gloves, has been cleaned with water powder latex gloves again with chlorine cleaning, cleanliness reached 1000

According to the medical gloves use the different environment, Non-latex Disposable Gloves the general disposable medical gloves can be divided into: surgical gloves and Check Gloves 2 categories. Surgical gloves Refer to the gloves worn by the medical staff in the operation, while the gloves are the gloves used by the medical staff to diagnose and inspect the patients. In contrast, the hygienic requirements of surgical gloves will be more stringent than the examination of gloves, need sterilization, independent packaging conditions.