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Non-latex Disposable Gloves Hospital Work
- Oct 30, 2017 -

PE is polyethylene (plastic film material), PVC is PVC (some plastic materials), Non-latex Disposable Gloves so PE can contact with food, and PVC is best not to. Both are not very heat, especially PE, a touch of fire on the.

PE, PVC are plastic, which PE is a non-toxic polyethylene plastic transparent permeability commonly used in the manufacture of household items such as simple food packaging bags, disposable syringes, Non-latex Disposable Gloves water supply and drainage tube (easy to degrade aging), PP is polypropylene plastic Non-toxic high degree of transparency and good strength, corrosion-resistant it has all the advantages of PE, commonly used in the manufacture of daily necessities, plastic medical equipment such as transparent plastic washbasin, disposable syringes, etc., PVC is polyvinyl chloride plastic permeability is poor, Daily necessities and architectural decoration in the interior walls and ceiling decoration such as drainage pipes.

Disposable PE gloves non-toxic and tasteless, Non-latex Disposable Gloves suitable for home and hotel kitchen food processing and conditioning, hair care, care and washing, clean access, hospital work, acid and alkali, anti-oil, to prevent meals when dirty clothes, PE glove factory from fabric to finished product through-train production, disposable PE gloves can be customized customer specified thickness, Non-latex Disposable Gloves color and size, disposable PE gloves environmental protection does not contain heavy metals (lead, chromium) and other harmful substances, Non-latex Disposable Gloves non-toxic, Corrosion, tear resistance, winter is not hard, can be made into a degradable fabric, recyclable.

Use disposable gloves to keep your hands dry and clean, protect your hands from irritation and chemicals. In the United States, most industries, Non-latex Disposable Gloves such as food, medical, industrial, have laws and regulations that require the use of gloves to clean and sanitize the operator and contact items.

Acid-resistant gloves should be used at 45 ° C in sulfuric acid (density 1.32) or caustic soda solution (density 1.19). Electric insulated gloves are divided into high pressure and low pressure. The high pressure can be used at 6000 V or less (test voltage is 12000 volts). Non-latex Disposable Gloves Low pressure can be used below 1000 volts.

According to the material is generally divided into plastic disposable gloves, latex disposable gloves, nitrile one-time gloves; plastic film gloves which are generally used in non-occasions, the advantage is the price, but because plastic disposable gloves are not flexible, Non-latex Disposable Gloves durability and suitability comparison Latex gloves, usually used in the occasion, such as operating rooms, laboratories and other health requirements of the higher places, the advantages of a certain degree of flexibility, and more durable, but not resistant to animal fat corrosion, contact with animal fat easily corrosion , Non-latex Disposable Gloves More importantly, according to statistics, 2% -17% of people will have different degrees of latex allergy. Nitrile gloves, in addition to the characteristics of latex gloves, and latex gloves for the shortcomings have improved, first of all can withstand the corrosion of animal fats and oils, Non-latex Disposable Gloves and will not produce allergies.