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Non-latex Disposable Gloves Extensive Application
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Latex gloves are divided into: disposable latex gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves household latex gloves, industrial latex gloves, latex gloves, latex gloves, latex gloves, latex gloves, latex gloves and latex gloves, Plastic latex gloves, etc.; length: 23cm, 30cm (9 ", 12") two; thickness of 0.08mm-0.09mm; color: beige, light yellow two; main components: natural latex

Latex gloves are one of the gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves it is different from the usual gloves, made from latex. Can be used as home, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries, is essential hand protection supplies. The use of natural latex, together with other fine additives processed latex gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves the product through a special surface treatment, comfortable to wear, in industrial and agricultural production, medical, daily life has a wide range of applications.

Latex here refers to the rubber tree resin products of a latex, Non-latex Disposable Gloves the conventional term is called natural latex, latex is liquid, is the main raw material of gloves, rubber is solid, is the main raw material of tires.

As long as the use of latex gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves medical gloves, household washing gloves, ordinary work latex gloves, medical gloves, also known as work gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves household washing gloves is often the use of some medical gloves as a home, can be called life gloves, ordinary gloves Can be called labor insurance gloves or protective gloves.

Natural latex is extracted from oaks and other plants, Non-latex Disposable Gloves widely used in medical supplies, gloves and other items. FDA estimates that about 1% to 6% of people allergic to natural latex, exposure may lead to skin redness, rash, urticaria and other allergic reactions. 

It is recommended that people who are in contact with natural latex should take the following measures:

1. Allergy to latex, it is best to use non-latex gloves, such as no powder latex gloves, Non-latex Disposable Gloves such gloves generally use chlorine treatment, not easy to cause allergies.

2. Wear latex gloves, do not use ointment hand cream, Non-latex Disposable Gloves because it will accelerate the latex corrosion, aging, and thus induce allergies.

3. After using latex gloves, immediately wash your hands with mild soap and dry thoroughly. Non-latex Disposable Gloves In addition, but also clean the gloves inside and outside.

4. Allergy to natural latex, medical treatment must inform the medical staff, so as not to cause allergies.