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Food Grade Vinyl Gloves Protection
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Hands are precious, irreplaceable, almost anything to use hand. Therefore, when the hands are exposed to risks or hazards, there is often a need for a specific method to ensure the safety of both hands, Food Grade Vinyl Gloves such as protective gloves. The challenge we face is how to choose the most appropriate glove for the intended task or situation and use it correctly.

Is in the labor production, scientific research, Food Grade Vinyl Gloves emergency rescue and other activities, in order to protect the hands from friction, cutting, puncture and other personal protective equipment to wear.

In China, due to the safety awareness of employees is weak, improper selection of gloves, gloves, quality or protective performance is not high and other reasons, practitioners hand by the mechanical injury phenomenon is more common. To this end, the development of protective performance superior, Food Grade Vinyl Gloves comfortable to wear, cost-effective mechanical hazards protective gloves, has become a top priority.

High-performance polyethylene fiber is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene as raw material, through chemical, physical and other methods of production and modification, is the world's highest strength and modulus than the highest fiber. With a light weight, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance,Food Grade Vinyl Gloves cutting resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics, is the production of mechanical hazards protection gloves excellent material. However, due to the scarcity of the fiber, Food Grade Vinyl Gloves its application in the field of gloves has not been taken seriously. In recent years, with the domestic fiber production technology breakthroughs, the rapid increase in market supply, superior cost-effective in the protection of gloves in the application gradually favored by the industry.

At the beginning of the time is three needles, Food Grade Vinyl Gloves three needle fixed, the fourth is used for additional weaving, Food Grade Vinyl Gloves to the thumb when each line are appropriate to add the needle, to probably when the fingers, in the side of the needle together a thumb Width, here is the needle together on both sides of the needle, then the two points on the circle, and then were playing on the line.

A knitting method of a glove is carried out by using at least one pair of front and rear pair of needle beds extending in the left-right direction and facing each other in the front-rear direction, Food Grade Vinyl Gloves and at least one of the front and rear needle beds can be pulled to the left and right so as to be spaced between the front and rear needle beds A knitting method for knitting a knitted glove; Food Grade Vinyl Gloves a knitting of a four-finger connecting body in which a small finger, a useless finger, a middle finger and an index finger are inserted, and a knitting of a four-finger connecting body and a finger finger of a thumb , Food Grade Vinyl Gloves By rotating the four fingers on the knitting needle on the needle to the needle on the needle and the needle pulling action, in the four fingers connected to the thumb finger finger hanging needle needle needle rotation , Food Grade Vinyl Gloves The engagement of the four-finger connecting body with the thumb finger guard is performed.