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Disposable Gloves Various Colors
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Multi-color disposable gloves are non-white. General colorful gloves are nitrile gloves. Because gloves are made of petroleum refining, it can be made in a variety of colors. In the food processing process, blue or green disposable gloves can be distinguished from the color of the food, so easy to manage. Disposable Gloves In the dark auto repair work environment, eye-catching orange gloves to help workers to improve their attention, but also played a protective role on the body.

Unlike other product packaging, disposable gloves are packed by weighing. Due to the weight error of each glove itself, the number of gloves will vary depending on the weight of each glove. Resulting in sometimes "more than one" or "less one" situation.

The history of disposable gloves can be traced back to the eighties and nineties of the last century. At that time, in the United States broke out AIDS, spread in the United States to the whole country. Disposable Gloves Because AIDS is a high degree of panic, people must use disposable gloves to prevent bacterial infections. Disposable gloves were originally used for medical reasons.

Now it has been developed for use in laboratories, as well as in industrial protection, labor protection, food processing and other fields also used as a protective tool. The purpose of disposable gloves is to protect themselves, protect themselves against others, protect the company's role, has good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, can reduce the spread of disease, reduce cross infection and enhance grip.Disposable gloves are our daily life diet links in the use of more frequent tools, simple disposable gloves using rubber sheet or film made of a glove, Disposable Gloves usually according to the basic material is divided into latex gloves and nitrile gloves. Here we will learn about the disposable gloves in accordance with the material division of the content.

First of all we should know that disposable gloves by material is divided into plastic disposable gloves, latex disposable gloves, nitrile one-time gloves;

Second, we should know that disposable gloves ---- plastic film gloves use places are mostly non-occasions, the price, but the plastic disposable gloves elasticity is almost zero, determines the late durability and suitability is relatively poor;

And then to know that disposable gloves --- latex gloves, the use of the majority of occasions: the operating room, laboratory and other health requirements of the higher locations, Disposable Gloves with a certain degree of flexibility, more durable, but not resistant to animal fat corrosion , But all contact with animal fat will be corroded, more importantly, according to statistics, 2% -17% of people will have different degrees of latex allergy.