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Disposable Gloves Uneven
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Disposable gloves, how do people determine which types of gloves can be used to grab food? Reporters from the network to search the relevant information that from the end of 2008, Disposable Gloves all made QS (meaning "quality and safety") production license of food plastic products, must be in the product label, brochure or packaging, etc. clearly marked "QS" Logo, where the contact with food products, must be in its packaging or product express "food" logo.

It is understood that a one-time glove material is mainly polyethylene plastic, the market has two new materials and renewable materials two, Disposable Gloves the new material non-toxic and tasteless, produced gloves, high transparency, no smell, good quality, clean and sanitary; Disposable plastic film gloves, transparency is not good, dark, health conditions are not up to standard, low prices. How do these two kinds of gloves identify it? The public can touch the disposable gloves when used, there are lubricants who are non-toxic, or toxic; or hand to seize one end of the disposable plastic film gloves, forced to shoot, issued crisp sound non-toxic, otherwise toxic.

Disposable gloves from the composition of the basic use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) raw materials, high transparency, Disposable Gloves the opening is better, but also has a non-slip embossed features, common models : Large, medium. Packaging type is simply divided into the following cases: medical, export-oriented, domestic labor insurance, supermarket hardcover type.

First kind of medical packaging: the basic plastic bag packaging, 50 / bag, 100 / bag, 5000 and 10,000 boxes.

The second disposable glove is the export packaging: popular terms even if the English packaging, the basic one is 100 a pack, there is a Dinka packaging.

The third is the domestic labor insurance type: the basic domestic labor insurance restaurant, packaging is rich, the specifications are relatively rich, different requirements, Disposable Gloves variety, generally plastic bags, 20 / bag, 24 / bag, 28 / Bag, 30 pcs / packs, 50pcs / packs, 80pcs / packs, 100pcs / packs, etc. One is boxed, basically 100 pcs / bag, 10 packs / inner box, 10 inner box / box There is the color of 72 boxes, 150 / box and so on.

The fourth one-time glove is a supermarket hardcover: a color boutique packaging bags, the basic is 50 / bag, 200 bags / box, 100 / bag, 100 bags / box, near the stage of this fine packaging disposable gloves The use of relatively high, the appearance of various manufacturers are not the same, Disposable Gloves but are similar, the quality range, uneven.

Disposable gloves, we all know there are used in the type of disposable gloves are generally divided into ultra-thin models, ordinary models, thick section, especially thick section. Which one-time gloves ultra-thin section of the use of: can do hand mold, light shop and other snacks, ultra-thin models in the thickness of the relatively thin, so the basic requirements are still relatively low; disposable gloves, Disposable Gloves The use of a wide range of restaurants, baking, dental, paint and so on; disposable gloves thick section, the use of a range of clinics, experiments, housework, salons, restaurants, do sushi;

The use of disposable gloves is also gradually upgrading, one of the upgrade function is for the slippery items, the use of disposable gloves can be well grasped, Disposable Gloves the surface structure is embossed, more anti-skid, disposable gloves Can help everyone more life, no longer have to worry about oil skins.