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Disposable Gloves The Advantages Of
- Aug 11, 2017 -

1, disposable gloves manufacturers Analysis latex gloves have excellent wear resistance and puncture characteristics, with these advantages can be very good resistance to acid and alkali, grease, Disposable Gloves fuel and a variety of solvents, such as corrosion;

2, disposable gloves manufacturers Analysis latex gloves with FDA certification, itself has a relatively wide range of resistance, we will find that the actual use of oil in the performance of good effect;

3, disposable gloves manufacturers analysis latex gloves with their own unique fingertip texture design, for their original grip grip has been well improved, Disposable Gloves can effectively prevent the occurrence of skidding;

4, disposable gloves manufacturers analysis of latex gloves without palmprint patent design, latex uniformity, for the protection can be very good to promote; unique hand design, Disposable Gloves cotton lining, can improve the sense of comfort.

Disposable gloves from the composition of the basic use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) raw material production, transparency high, Disposable Gloves openings are better, at the same time has a non-slip embossed characteristics, common models: large, medium. Packing type is divided into the following conditions: Medical type, export type, domestic labor insurance type, Disposable Gloves supermarket hardcover type.

The first type is Medical packaging: basically plastic bag packaging, 50/pack, 100 bags/pack, box 5,000 and 10,000.

The second kind of disposable gloves are export packaging: In general, Disposable Gloves even if the English packaging, the basic one is 100 one package, and one is Dinka packaging.

The third is domestic labor insurance type: The basic domestic Labor insurance catering, rich packaging, specifications are also relatively rich, the requirements of different, Disposable Gloves rich varieties, is generally plastic bag packaging, 20/pack, 24 only/bag, 28/Pack, 30/pack, 50/Pack, 80/pack, 100/pack, one is inside boxed, basically 100/pack, 10 Package/inner box, 10 inside box/carton, and is color 72 inside boxed, 150/box etc.

The fourth kind of disposable glove is the supermarket hardcover type: A color boutique packaging bag, the basic is 50/pack, 200 bags/box, 100/pack, 100 bags/box, Disposable Gloves the near stage of this fine packaging disposable gloves are relatively high, the appearance of each manufacturer is different, but all the same, the quality is unequal, uneven.

Not easy to deformation, professional non-slip design, the toughness of the force, new transparent material

Disposable Gloves Product Advantages: Anti-oil, use sensitive, disposable health PE gloves to keep your hand skin to avoid too much contact with alkaline detergent efficacy, for the home life of good products. does not contain any natural latex ingredient, does not have the allergic reaction to the human skin, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless. The interior is smooth and easy to wear. Good adhesion, acid, alkali, Disposable Gloves oil resistance, both right-hand.

Scope of application: for food processing, Disposable Gloves medical care, medicine, kitchen food, housework, hair salon hair, home cleaning and hygiene, beauty salons, Disposable Gloves camping barbecue, and restaurants need hand contact with food, the use of a wide range.

PE bag packaging, extraction design, PE bag packaging into the box, Disposable Gloves boxed into the box

Rizhao Dry Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Production of disposable gloves can also be made of embossed surface, professional non-slip design, Disposable Gloves gloves surface are non-slip particles, easy to crawl, whether smooth or not smooth, a scratch will not be zoned away.