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Disposable Gloves Has Many Uses
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Disposable gloves manufacturers that Dingqing gloves are mainly composed of synthetic nitrile materials, and ingredients will not contain all the latex protein allergies, Disposable Gloves formula comparison, feel very soft, comfortable non-slip.

Disposable gloves manufacturers that Dingqing glove ingredients do not contain phthalic acid ester, silicone oil, amino compounds, in the clean performance and anti-static performance is better, clean Dingqing gloves modeling more humane, according to our human hand manufacturing , Disposable Gloves The sensitivity is better, tensile properties and puncture resistance is also better, higher tensile strength and excellent wear resistance.

Disposable gloves manufacturers that Dingqing gloves have three characteristics: soft, Disposable Gloves comfortable, stickers.

Disposable gloves manufacturers that the blue pigment in the raw material stage to add, the color will not fall, the impact of zero products.

Disposable gloves manufacturers that use 100% synthetic nitrile rubber made of low ion content.

Not easy to deformation, professional anti-skid design, to the toughness of the force, the new transparent material.

Disposable gloves Product advantages: anti-oil, the use of sensitive, Disposable Gloves disposable health PE gloves allows you to keep the hands of the skin to avoid excessive exposure to alkaline cleaning effect, for the home life of the good. Does not contain any natural latex ingredients, no allergic reactions to human skin, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless Internal smooth, very easy to wear. Good adhesion, acid, alkali, oil, right hand and general.

Scope of application: For food processing, medical care, drug dispensing, kitchen cooking, domestic work, hair salon hair, home cleaning, beauty salons, camping barbecue and restaurant restaurants need to contact with food used, widely used.production of disposable gloves can also be made of embossed surface, professional anti-skid design, glove surface are non-slip particles, Disposable Gloves easy to crawl, whether it is smooth or not smooth, Will not be taken off.

A type of glove made of rubber sheet or film. According to the use of acid and alkali gloves, electrical insulation gloves, radiation gloves, medical gloves and so on. According to the rubber raw materials or manufacturing process sub-latex gloves and molded gloves. Category Classification Features Scope Rubber gloves - Analyze rubber gloves - Long time without sticky solution Rubber gloves - Other use

Acid-resistant gloves should be used at 45 ° C in sulfuric acid (density 1.32) or caustic soda solution (density 1.19). Electric insulated gloves are divided into high pressure and low pressure. The high pressure can be used at 6000 V or less (test voltage is 12000 volts). Disposable Gloves Low pressure can be used below 1000 volts. Medical gloves and matte side (wool face gloves or wrinkled gloves) two.

Does not contain any natural latex ingredients, Disposable Gloves no allergic reactions to human skin, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless. Internal smooth, very easy to wear. Good adhesion, acid, alkali, oil. Right and left hand universal. Rally good, durable

Product Features:

Impregnation molding, anti - piercing strong, anti - oil, impermeable;

More durable than traditional plastic gloves, can be used continuously for more than 10 hours;

High temperature baking, can be safe contact with hot and cold food;

Easy to wear, stickers smart.