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Disposable Gloves Gradually Upgrade
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Disposable gloves, we all know there are used in the type of disposable gloves are generally divided into ultra-thin models, ordinary models, thick section, especially thick section. Disposable Gloves Which one-time gloves ultra-thin section of the use of: can do hand mold, light shop and other snacks, ultra-thin models in the thickness of the relatively thin, so the basic requirements are still relatively low; disposable gloves, The use of a wide range of restaurants, baking, dental, paint and so on; one-time gloves thickening models, Disposable Gloves the use of the scope of clinics, experiments, housework, salons, restaurants, do sushi, etc .; disposable gloves, The scope of stripping seafood, kneading, do fillings, mixed with cold vegetable dyeing workshop, Disposable Gloves the experiment has a certain thickness of the workers have the requirements.

The use of disposable gloves is also gradually upgrading, one of the upgrade function is for the slippery items, the use of disposable gloves can be well grasped, the surface structure is embossed, more anti-skid, disposable gloves Can help everyone more life, no longer have to worry about oil skins.

Disposable gloves, the second upgrade function is flexible will be better, comfortable hand, easy to wear, more resistant to stretching, will not easily rupture, Disposable Gloves protect the hands, to avoid the chemical supplies on everyone's injury.

Disposable gloves, the third upgrade function is food-grade, imported raw materials, no toxicity no yo taste, more healthy and safe, and we actually use, will leak, the use is relatively simple, we use disposable gloves no longer Worried about the use of unsanitary unsafe.

Gloves, all the basic use of the industry, so it will use a variety of gloves, in order to health does not affect people's health, especially the food industry, I recommend disposable gloves, Disposable Gloves because disposable gloves can avoid bacterial cross infection, But also can reduce costs.

Disposable gloves are gloves made of rubber flakes or films. Disposable gloves usually have two kinds of materials, one is latex gloves, one is nitrile gloves.

Disposable gloves more suitable for the industry:

1. rubber gloves for automobile manufacturing;

2. battery manufacturing industry;

3. FRP industry;

4. aircraft assembly;

5. Food treatment.

It is a particularly complicated problem to prevent the damage caused by the diversity of chemicals encountered. Acids, disinfectants, hydrocarbons, solvents, oils, lipids and acetates have different chemical properties.