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Disposable Gloves Durability
- Aug 03, 2017 -

Disposable gloves are used in our daily life diet more frequently used tools, Disposable Gloves simply disposable gloves using rubber sheet or film made of a glove, Disposable Gloves usually according to the basic material is divided into latex gloves and nitrile gloves. Here we will look at the disposable gloves in accordance with the material division of the content.

 First of all we should know that disposable gloves by material is divided into plastic disposable gloves, Disposable Gloves latex disposable gloves, nitrile one-time gloves;

Second, we should know that disposable gloves ---- plastic film gloves use places are mostly non-occasions, the price, but the plastic disposable gloves elasticity is almost zero, determines the late durability and suitability is relatively poor;

And then to know that disposable gloves --- latex gloves, Disposable Gloves the use of the majority of occasions: the operating room, Disposable Gloves laboratory and other health requirements of the higher locations, with a certain degree of flexibility, more durable, but not resistant to animal fat corrosion , Disposable Gloves But all contact with animal fat will be corroded, more importantly, according to statistics, 2% -17% of people will have different degrees of latex allergy.

The last is to know disposable gloves ---- nitrile gloves, Disposable Gloves not only have the basic characteristics of latex gloves, but also for the shortcomings of latex gloves to a certain degree of improvement, on the one hand can withstand corrosion from animal fats and oils, on the other hand Will not produce allergies.

 (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) raw materials, the transparency is high, the opening is also better, and has a non-slip embossed features, common models : Large, Disposable Gloves medium. Packaging type is simply divided into the following cases: medical, export-oriented, domestic labor insurance, supermarket hardcover type.

First kind of medical package: the basic plastic bag packaging, 50 / bag, 100 / pack, 5000 and 10,000.

The second disposable glove is the export packaging: popular even if the English packaging, the basic one is 100 a pack, there is a Dinka packaging.

The third is the domestic labor insurance type: the basic is the domestic labor insurance restaurant, Disposable Gloves the packaging is rich, the specifications are relatively rich, different requirements, variety, generally plastic bags, 20 / bag, 24 / bag, 28 / Bag, 30 pcs / packs, Disposable Gloves 50pcs / packs, 80pcs / packs, 100pcs / packs, etc. One is boxed, basically 100 pcs / bag, 10 packs / inner box, 10 inner box / box There is the color of 72 boxes, 150 / box and so on

The fourth one-time glove is the supermarket hardcover: a color boutique packaging bags, the basic is 50 / bag, 200 bags / box, 100 / bag, 100 bags / box, near the stage of this fine packaging disposable gloves The use of relatively high, the appearance of various manufacturers are not the same, but are similar, the quality of ranging, uneven.