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Antistatic Vinyl Gloves The Strongest Performance
- Jul 04, 2017 -

(1) Antistatic Vinyl Gloves wire - a common stainless steel wire, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves also has chrome wire, mainly used to make anti-cut gloves. This kind of material anti-cutting performance of the strongest, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves and easy to clean, but the quality, the use of inconvenient. 

(2) Kevlar, Spectra and other synthetic yarn - is also a good synthetic fiber anti-cutting material, although the anti-cutting ability than wire, but light, comfortable, and improved and processed, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves and some products can achieve anti- The highest level of the standard. 

(3) nitrile (with fabric lining) - with anti-wear and anti-piercing performance, the use of flexible and comfortable. 

(4) natural latex (with fabric lining) - with excellent flexibility, especially flexible, have a certain anti-wear, tear resistance and anti-cutting performance. 

(5) PVC (with fabric lining) - can provide a certain wear and piercing protection, if the material is thick, but also can have a certain anti-cutting ability, but not tear. 

(6) leather - natural material, through a variety of tanning treatment, has a unique performance. Skin can be divided into: leather, its advantages are comfortable, durable, breathable wear and tear, after chrome tassel treatment, more durable, and can resist high temperature; pig skin, large pores, the best air permeability, after washing can still keep very good Of the softness, and will not harden; sheepskin, is the most comfortable, most durable and anti-wear performance of the best, but because the price is too expensive, generally only used in the touch requirements of the industry.

(1) Novoloid - a new high-tech synthetic fiber, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves non-melting, anti-flame, high temperature, high temperature can reach 1100 ℃, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves soft and comfortable, and can resist the erosion of many chemical substances, even after repeated washing Will not affect its high temperature performance. 

(2) Kevlar - is widely used aromatic synthetic fiber, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves not only anti-cut, but also anti-high temperature damage. 

(3) aluminum material - can be resistant to higher temperatures of radiant heat. 

(4) the skin - if kept dry, has a good resistance to low temperature performance, at the same time, it does not melt, do not burn the characteristics of it often used to make welding gloves. 

(5) cotton - is also a natural material, can be appropriate to protect the high temperature and low temperature. But because of the need to meet the protective requirements, gloves do a thick, flexibility is not good enough. Anti-electric damage material.

Touch gloves are usually electrically insulated gloves that are made of pure natural latex. Latex and wet glue. Insulated gloves made of wet glue, processing cycle is longer, high production costs, but the product is particularly flexible, very flexible to use. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves In addition, due to the special nature of live work and the characteristics of electrical insulation gloves, wearing such gloves, wear cotton gloves (sweat, anti-skid), and then wear latex gloves, and finally wear protective clothing Gloves, to prevent being punctured by sharp objects insulated gloves. Anti-electric damage glove material Electrical insulated gloves to go through specially designed and rigorously tested to ensure safety.

Chemical gloves of the material to prevent the quality of gloves, a wide range of materials, different nature, in the choice of anti-chemical gloves to pay special attention. 

(1) natural latex - In general, natural latex for aqueous solution, such as acid and alkali aqueous solution has a good protective effect. Its advantages are comfortable, flexible and flexible. Chlorosulfonated polyethylene - has protective properties for most chemicals, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves protects alkaloids, oils, fuels and many solvents, and has good resistance to high temperature and low temperature performance, wear resistance, bending and so on. Anti-vibration gloves are usually three-layer structure of the gloves, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the inner and outer layers of leather or soft and comfortable synthetic fibers, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the middle of the sandwich or other effective absorption of vibration of the polymer. Glove selection and use of the precautions Gloves to choose the right or not, the use of correct or not, are directly related to the health of the hand。