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Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Strongest Performance
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Wire--common stainless steel wire, also has chromium alloy wire, mainly used to make cutting gloves. This kind of material has the strongest cutting performance and is easy to clean, but the quality is heavy and inconvenient to use. 

2) Kevlar, spectra and other synthetic yarn-is also a better synthetic fiber cutting material, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves although the ability to resist cutting is not as good as wire, but the quality of light, the use of comfort, and after improvement and treatment, some products can also achieve the highest standard of cutting products. 

3) Nitrile (with fabric lining)-with abrasion resistance and puncture resistance, use flexible and comfortable. 

4) Natural latex (with fabric lining)--excellent elasticity, especially flexibility, has a certain degree of abrasion resistance, tearing and cutting properties. 

5) PVC (with fabric lining)-can provide certain wear and puncture protection, if the material is thicker, but also can have a certain ability to cut, but not tear. 

6) Skin-natural materials, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves through a variety of tanning treatment, has a unique performance. Skin can be divided into: cowhide, its advantages are comfortable, durable, breathable wear-resistant, after chromium-treatment, more durable, and can resist high temperature; pigskin, coarse pores, the best permeability, after washing can still maintain a good softness, and will not harden; sheepskin, is the most comfortable, most durable and anti-wear performance of the best, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves but because the price is too expensive, generally only used in the industry with higher tactile requirements.

Anti-high-temperature material 

1) Novoloid a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber, not melting, flame resistance, high-temperature resistance, can be resistant to high-temperature up to 1100 Shan, soft and comfortable, and can resist the erosion of many chemicals, even after repeated washing will not affect its high-temperature performance. 

2) Kevlar-is a widely used aromatic synthetic fiber, not only can resist cutting, but also can resist high temperature damage. 

3) Aluminum-plated material-can resist high temperature radiation heat. 

4) Skin-if kept dry, with good low-temperature resistance, and its melting, not burning characteristics make it often used to make welding gloves. 

5) Cotton-is also a natural material, can be appropriate protection of high temperature and low temperature. However, to meet the protection requirements, the gloves are thicker and the flexibility is not good enough. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Anti-Electrical damage material

Touch-screen gloves are usually electrically insulated gloves using pure natural latex as the material. Latex separate dry and wet adhesive two kinds. The insulating gloves made of wet rubber have long processing period and high production cost, but the elasticity of the products is very good and the use is very flexible. In addition, because of the particularity of the live operation and the characteristics of the electrical insulating gloves, when wearing such gloves, we must first wear cotton gloves (sweat, Non-slip), Antistatic Vinyl Gloves and then put on latex gloves, and finally put on the skin protective gloves, to prevent sharp objects punctured insulated gloves. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Electrical insulating gloves for electrical damage are specially designed and rigorously tested to ensure safety.