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Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Excellent Performance
- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. Anti-static gloves with excellent flexibility and anti-static properties, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves to avoid the human body caused by static damage to the product Anti-static performance, resistance to washing.

2. Anti-static gloves can eliminate the harm of static electricity on the human body, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves eliminate the body movement or wear off when the static caused by the unpleasant, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves can eliminate the static caused by clothes, tangled, easy to dust, dirt and easy to wash.

3. Anti-static gloves for the use of gloves to operate the anti-static, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves clean dust-free workshop environment.

4. Wear anti-static gloves to prevent the operator's fingers directly contact the static sensitive components, and can safely discharge the operator's personal electrostatic charge.

5. Mainly used for gloves to operate the anti-static environment such as electronics, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves instrumentation and other industries, to prevent the electronic components caused by static damage, aging.

6. In the petrochemical industry can prevent the burning caused by static electricity, explosion and other hazards.

7. Anti-static gloves can prevent their own static accumulation caused by damage to the gloves.

Static electricity is ubiquitous, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves static electricity, whether it is on the body or the harm to the product are very terrible, how to prevent static electricity? Generally speaking there are three ways:

The first is grounded, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves grounded to reduce the static charge generated on the conductor is very important, the body is the conductor, and is the main source of static electricity. Therefore, we must reduce the static charge generated by people who touch sensitive anti-static components or components. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Prevention of static electricity in the human body is best grounded through the human body. Then use the electrostatic protection products are: anti-static gloves, anti-static wrist band, anti-static chairs. The most common is anti-static gloves.

The second is to neutralize the components and components in the storage or transportation process. Isolated from charged objects or charged electrostatic fields. During storage or transportation, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the insulator is the best way to prevent electrostatic discharge from occurring. Since grounding can not drain static charge or insulator, it is necessary to isolate sensitive components and components from them. In the static work, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves shipping, handling area to reduce conventional plastic and other types of insulators is the best way to isolate products from insulators. Isolation can also be done by restricting access to the entire work area or workstation. At this point, may use the electrostatic protection products are anti-static shielding bags, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves anti-static aluminum foil bags.

The third is to isolate the use of static elimination equipment, the main components of the ion generator, then some people will say that we have put the static electricity into the earth, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves then the space to bear it?

The electrostatic phenomenon in space is very common. A planet with a magnetic field produces a planetary magnet layer that absorbs the charge from the universe, and most of these charges are in an electrostatic state. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves The interstellar clouds also produce static electricity, because these particles from the gas and dust will occur from time to time friction, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves and friction will produce static electricity. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves These static electricity on the formation of the planet has a certain contribution, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves because the dust particles of the gravitational weak, difficult to gather into a group.