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Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Different Measures
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Anti-Static shoes with anti-static durable, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves washable, not affected by ambient temperature, humidity and other characteristics. Usually allot of people exposed to inflammable and explosive substances. Its role is that a part of the electric ions through the ground contact with the timely introduction of underground, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves to eliminate the fabric of electrostatic, to prevent the human body and clothing, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves clothing and clothing friction caused by electric spark, fire, explosion and electrostatic shock accident.

Preventive measures taken to prevent the accident of anti-static shoes. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Anti-static shoes in principle should be based on different objects to take different measures.

The following is a general list of antistatic measures:

1, to promote anti-static shoes leakage measures are: conductor and conductive equipment grounding; Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Increase the relative humidity of the environment; Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Adding antistatic agent to the material to improve the conductivity; Use of electrostatic elimination device.

2, prevent anti-static shoes to produce measures are: reduce the speed of the process, using electrostatic (electricity) sequence, as far as possible to use less electrostatic materials; Antistatic Vinyl Gloves The use of grounding conductive apparatus and so on.

Static electricity is a substance. Low wet weather, the chemical fiber texture of underwear, carpets, cushions and wallpaper and other friction can produce static electricity. In addition, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the use of household appliances will also produce electrostatic effects or the shell with electrostatic.

Static electricity is uncomfortable, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves but also can cause headaches, insomnia and irritability and other symptoms even lead to rash and arrhythmia, the neurasthenia and mental health hazards are even greater.

How to eliminate the harm to people's health of static electricity, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the following method is simple and easy, you might as well try:

1. Indoor air humidity below 30%, is conducive to friction produced electrostatic, if the temperature to 45%, static electricity is difficult to produce. Therefore, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves when the low humidity occurs, may as well sprinkle some water at home, inconvenient to make the wetland board place, places one or two pots of water, can also achieve the purpose of increasing indoor air humidity.

Antistatic clothing is a kind of electronic, optical instruments, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves pharmaceutical bioengineering, precision instruments and other industries with dust-free and anti-static properties of special overalls, more for electrostatic sensitive sites or fire or explosion dangerous places to wear, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the use of anti-static fabric production process is mainly in the textile need to pay attention to those problems?

Precautions for use of antistatic overalls

1, anti-static clothing should all use anti-static fabric, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves generally do not use lining. When lining must be used, the exposed area of the lining should not exceed 20% of the total area of the garment.

2, according to different places of different processing objects of electrostatic sensitivity, choose different grades of anti-static cloth and anti-static overalls.

3, anti-static overalls washing should be used as far as possible, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves should avoid making overalls by strong mechanical and chemical operation of washing.

4, prohibit attaching or wearing any metal object on the antistatic clothing. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Need to carry the tool should have anti-static, anti-EDM function, metal tools should be placed in anti-static overalls belt, prohibited metal parts exposed.

5. Change should not be made in the designated locker room. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves The buttons of the overalls should be buttoned up, as far as possible, so as not to be near the strip.

6, the bulk procurement of anti-static overalls before wearing should be randomly selected to detect the number of electric quantity. After a certain period of wear, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves especially when the wearing off when there is a sense of shock to retest.