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Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Conductivity And Durability
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Anti-static gloves itself is a special material used in the production of gloves, when used in the effective placement of static electricity to protect the safety of workers. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves Materials are usually made of conductive fiber material, according to the use of the environment design fiber gap spacing, in the electronics industry is essential to use the product.

1, the use of static dissipation principle in the gloves to add the relative high point resistance of carbon fiber, the advantage is easy to wear, for the staff to wear the workpiece can be more convenient, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the disadvantage is the lack of static dissipation stability, Of the electronic assembly used in the link.

2, the use of grounding export principle, this anti-static glove weaving method and carbon fiber anti-static gloves roughly the same, the difference is a low resistance to the eDonkey made of copper fiber or silver fiber, the advantage is the body can get rid of static stability and Thorough, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves the disadvantage is that the use of this glove staff also need to wear gloves connected to the anti-static wrist strap, the operator must have grounding device, wearing a relatively cumbersome way, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves and the need to ensure that the overall base of the release line stable and smooth.

This GW-513 carbon fiber anti-static PU coated palm gloves with 80% fine long nylon plus 20% high-performance imported carbon fiber silk knitted hand core, anti-static index standards; breathable, stretch is very good, long time do not feel hot, Fully smooth, uniform, non-slip, sweat, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves finger or palm PU coating helps to assemble the operation without leaving fingerprints.

Conductive fiber is a new fiber variety that appeared in the 1960s. It generally means that the conductivity is greater than 10-7Ω-1. cm-1. Antistatic Vinyl Gloves This type of fiber has good electrical conductivity and durability, especially at low humidity still has good durability antistatic.

The antistatic mechanism of the conductive fibers is to cause corona discharge between the conductive fibers. Corona discharge is a very gentle form of discharge, when the static voltage reaches a certain value, that is, no spark of corona discharge to static elimination. This phenomenon is generally considered to be conductive fibers in the fabric, under the action of the electrostatic field, so that the surrounding air ionization to form positive and negative ions, positive and negative ions in a kind of fabric with static charge opposite and neutral, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves and another Species is associated with the environment or the earth, thus eliminating the static electricity. Corona discharge and electrostatic leakage of the significant difference is: the former in the case of non-ground can also be a good way to eliminate the static electricity on the fabric, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves while the latter need to be grounded or in the case of large air to make static elimination.

Qualified anti-static gloves can prevent the operator's fingers directly contact the static sensitive components, and can safely discharge the operator's personal electrostatic charge, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves effectively avoid the human body caused by static damage to the product, Antistatic Vinyl Gloves to prevent the electronic caused by the electronic Device damage, aging. Therefore, the use of conductive fibers as anti-static glove material, is a mature anti-static technology.