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Study on Experiment
- Jan 07, 2016 -

In the study, Lynch and his colleagues selected tortilla as experimental subjects, they are in Wichita, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, 140 of the fast-food chain restaurants buy 371 corn tortillas every time they buy a. About half of the tortilla is purchased from a gloved hands of the master, while the rest were never gloves bought master. Scientists use these corn cakes sealed in aseptic containers, and then transport the containers in the cooler to microbiology laboratories.

In the lab, researchers will be a small piece of corn bread in a sterile solution, training in the nutrient, observation will grow into what, in particular to observe breeding microbes will appear in us. Reassuring news is that only a few tortillas the microorganisms being tested, including Escherichia coli (a bacteria that can make us sick) and Staphylococcus (in the nose, mouth and rectum surrounded by a common bacteria that can cause skin infections).