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PE PE Gloves is What Does That Mean?
- Jan 07, 2016 -

Disposable gloves, polyethylene gloves material: PE English name: polyethylene, PE for short, is a thermoplastic resin prepared by polymerization of ethylene. 

In the industry, including vinyl and also a small amount of alpha-olefin copolymer. Polyethylene odorless, nontoxic, feel like wax, with excellent low temperature resistance (minimum use temperatures up to -70~-100), good chemical stability, resistant to most acid and alkali erosion (not with oxidation properties of acid-resistant), not soluble in common solvents at room temperature, water absorption of small, excellent electrical insulation properties. 

Applies Yu no dust room/clean room/purification workshop/semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optical, optical electronic, and LCD/DVD LCD manufacturing, biological medicine, and precision instruments, and, PCB printing, industry. PVC gloves widely for health check, and food industry, and chemical industry, and electronic industry, and pharmaceutical industry, and paint paint industry, and dyeing industry, and agricultural, and forestry, and livestock, industry of labor protection and the family health.