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Do You Wear Plastic Gloves to Food Hygiene?
- Jan 07, 2016 -

See if we are in a grocery store or a restaurant waiter or chef wearing plastic gloves to handle food, we may feel at ease, thinking that the sanitary. ** Less than straightforward with hand hygiene. But really the truth? Research staff is revealed, wearing plastic gloves in food may be on the surface give people looking at health.

United States Oklahoma teams of scientists in from Oklahoma and Kansas fast food restaurant to buy hundreds of tortillas on the conclusion after studying the number of bacteria. By the University of Oklahoma, occupational and environmental health experts group on experimental luobote·linqi published thesis theme, wear plastic gloves if real can reduce the breeding grounds for microorganisms in food possibilities as well as consumers will reduce the chance of food poisoning is.

Experts in favour of using gloves, plastic gloves, separate your hands and food, so it is more hygienic, because hands are constantly touching money, food, items such as door handles and taps, and where there is a possibility of a disease-causing Microbe. People who oppose the use of gloves that only glove is new, they are health, if you wear them just to make people have a feeling of trust, rather than hand-washing, even wearing gloves did not help.