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Disposable Glove How to Identify Goat
- Jan 07, 2016 -

Disposable gloves in sheep's clothing is characterized by grain of pores is Oblate, diagonally, in the deep leather; pores clear, a few rows into one group, arranged like scales or jagged. Pattern features such as "water ripple". Sheepskin light, thin, soft, and is ideal for leather clothing fabrics, clothing pattern made of beautiful, soft gloss natural, thin, soft, elastic, just strength is better than leather and pigskin.

Sheep skin: more fat content in the cortex, and fibrous tissue laxity of the skin, very soft, fine grain and smooth extension, larger but not substantial.

Goat: cortex much fat, fibrous tissue than full sheepskin, clear pores, leather and elastic, solid and durable.

A look through the cortical surface texture and cleaning pores to identify the finest lambskin; through supple Sheepskin Sheepskin section part of the fiber of fiber!

Two smells: especially after hand-polished lambskin, Pi Xiang tastes thicker; yet those with leather or imitation leather gloves are usually chemically smell! Disposable gloves

Three touches: top suede outer layer is very smooth, the inner layer of flavor is very delicate because sheepskin, fit skin is ultra smooth and comfortable, but chemical polyester cotton even harder!

Four burned: real suede and leather and other natural skin, ash left after combustion very easily with fingers into a powder, and sends out proteins (such as burnt eggs), there's a fragrance, but with leather or imitation leather has the pungent smell of burned plastic!