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Cut not Bad gloves or Extended Access Standards is Necessary to Keep Up
- Jan 07, 2016 -

Evening news the emergence of many new types of PPE, but its safety and protection are really qualified? Experts said that these new products are often "products leading, standards lagging" problems, and consumers need to choose carefully.

Yesterday the opening of China (Shanghai) international protection and security equipment exhibition, many exhibitors to launch new "cut is not bad" glove has attracted many eyes. Reporter through the booth staff presentation to see if the blade slightly hard paddling, the traditional cotton gloves soon enough, he was completely open, and more common use of cut-proof gloves will significantly torn, but with high-tech special high cut-proof gloves made of cotton material but always firm and tough.

"This product is now mainly for the large food manufacturers such as, the civilian market has not been a large opening, more difficult to buy on the market, but people in a vegetable wash fish can we spend all the time, will certainly take your marketing to the general public in the future. "Exhibiting an Australian manufacturing company official told reporters.