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Coated Non-Slip Shoe Covers the Use of Materials
- Jan 07, 2016 -

Polyethylene PE film and non-woven fabric made of laminated composite thin film has excellent moisture absorption. Insulation. Weather resistance and transparency, can be used as agricultural films. A kind of PVA films stretched, cut, heat treatment, such as PVA mesh can be non-woven, and other such non-woven polyethylene film laminated, are composite film coated non-slip shoe covers materials that are available.

In the laminating film, used as a thin film is 100% pure PVA or ethylene content below 30% EVOH resin, made films with the above materials have excellent wettability, transparency and weatherability, a large number of controlled radical absorbing moisture and has a very good thermal insulation. However, the disadvantage of this kind of film is the moisture shield the size stability, should not be used alone, which is laminated with non-woven materials the main reason.