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Jaysun International Limited has specialized in manufacturing of vinyl gloves for 19 years .We produce Vinyl gloves, non latex gloves. We currently have 24 active production lines. 250,000cases gloves can be supplied per month. Most of our product lines produce medical grade vinyl gloves with powdered and powder-free. Our quality products are highly regarded by Top 500 enterprises of the world. More than 80% of our gloves are shipped to North America and Japan for medical use. JAYSUN glove follows strict quality control processes to meet ASTM D5250-06,JIS T9116 of Japan and EN455 standards. We are ISO13485 , FDA and CE certified.

Disposable Vinyl Examination Gloves
FDA approved. Elongation≥300%. DEHP,DBP,BBP,DNOP and DIDP free. Safe for body.
Food Processing Vinyl Gloves
Lightly powdered/powder-free. 100% latex free. No anaphylaxis for skin.
Class 1000 Clean Room Vinyl Gloves
Long cuff, powder free. Length=300±10mm. Latex free. Antistatic and vacuum packing is available.
Non-latex Disposable Gloves
CE approved. Made from high temperature of 250 degrees, well prevents the spreading of germs. Not easy to pierce.
Non-latex Vinyl Examination Gloves
Medical grade. FDA certified. Fits either of your hands well, rolled cuff, easy to put on and take off.
Ppe Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Clear/Natural color. Acid and alkali resistant; Guards against oil, dirt. Features high level of sensitivity when in use.

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  • TEL: +86-21-6432-9609

    FAX: +86-21-6432-9629

    E-mail: mliu@jsglove.net

    ADD: Room.903, Building A, No.391 Guiping Road, Shanghai, China


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